MissFilmy Premiere New Bollywood News guide

MissFilmy.com, Premiere New Bollywood News, Updates & Movie Ranking Portal Gaining Massive Global Popularity

A new website is here to establish itself as the number one destination for all things Bollywood for the industry’s fans across the globe. This new portal is none other than MissFilmy.com, which, since its recent launch, has become one of the fastest-growing Bollywood news portal in India, receiving in excess of 25,000 visitors per month and growing significantly with each passing day.

MissFilmy.com features, among other things, Bollywood news, celebrity gossip, movie trailers, movie reviews and ratings, Bollywood song videos, comedy videos, telly news, telly gossip, TV series updates, Bollywood-themed wallpapers, and more. Recently, the MissFilmy.com team shared that it has plans to include a with movie rating comparison system which will enable viewers to compare ratings from all major platforms at single location, along with each movie’s aggregate rating score.
“We are a small team of young and creative professionals. We just love what we do and we are very passionate about it. We are building something very massive, informative and engaging for the users” said Mr. Mohit Puri, MissFilmy.com media representative.

“We strive to provide fresh and latest updates of the entertainment industry, all while establishing MissFIlmy.com as prominent Bollywood portal across the globe. We also aim to serve the entertainment industry with digital promotion and advertising solutions for movies, tv series, personal branding, and a lot more, which is to be revealed in the coming months.”

The MissFilmy.com team will reveal all future site developments and additions in future communications with the press.

To learn more about MissFilmy.com please visit www.missfilmy.com.