Apps Every Female Should Have

Apps Every Female Should Have

Every woman must benefit from their smartphone by downloading varied applications within the cellular app market. You will find overwhelming amounts of applications, specifically dedicated to ladies. This article will provide you with will need to have applications for women using Android cell phones This is a free of charge application you could download anytime in the cellular app market. That is specifically created for university students, but it can be useful for students or any feminine whatever the age. That is an application that may alert friends and family if you’re in a intimidating scenario. The app is quite simple to use. With simply two taps, it could send communications to friends and family. The message contains where you are, address and map where they are able to locate you. One more thing that you’ll like concerning this app is definitely that it offers pre-programmed hotlines or quantity you could contact case of crisis like , police train station or your campus protection.


This is one among those apps on offer free of charge apps market that may provide you with the power to escape almost any street harassment. Users may take and upload picture of their attacker or harasser. It could capture them in the take action, and you may send out it through. This is only going to transmission the harasser that his photos will be studied and automatically published on a site about road harassment avoidance. This can not only save women from road harassment, nonetheless it can also offer information to all or any women about locations where road harassment usually occurs.


This is designed for free or using a subscription version. It could provide a personal security alarm that can send out emergency message towards the connections of your decision using push solitary switch. This app includes a slogan stating “By no means walk only”. In the event that you will choose the free of charge version, you’ll be able to develop a back-up “guardians” that may quickly react to your SOS message. There exists one guardian that may receive a telephone call from you. Both paid and free of charge versions can provide unlimited Guardians for you yourself to send texts. Your guardians will get a text from you as well as a web link to a map that may show your present location through Gps navigation technology.


You may get this app free of charge or to get a paid version. It’ll provide you with the opportunity to get a taxi cab anytime and anywhere you are. The primary notion of this cellular application is to supply accessibility for ladies to obtain a cab as quickly as possible. You may select your pickup area and you’ll be able to discover the closest taxi cab stand by using this application. You may opt for contact tab to get a list of trustworthy local taxi businesses. This is very beneficial, especially if there is absolutely no cab organization close to your present location.

The Pill

If you’re having trouble tracking if you want for taking your contraceptive tablet, then this is actually the app for you personally. This is one of the better applications for women’s wellness. It could remind you each day, so you may take your tablet promptly. The free of charge apps market gives you apps such as this which you can use for your living.